Another Handy Flex Project

Free stuff now includes a Flex project for receiving APID events in PatchPanel

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Mr. Vacuum’s bad day

Or how we almost burned the house to the ground…

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Another Geek Alert

Just prior to my joining Adobe a post on the PatchPanel forms (Adobe Labs) got me wondering how one could receive events from Rorohiko’s APID plugin. I fooled around with it a bit and came up with an effective solution.

I have posted that Flex project in the Free Stuff page. So all you geeks that want to know how I did it, some and get it.

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Added some new free stuff

Just that you gotta be a geek to appreciate it.

I’ve added a Flex project to the free stuff page. This was in response to a posting on the Patchpanel forums (Adobe Labs). The poster wanted to react to InDesign events in ActionScript. This Flex project shows you how to do it (and yes, it’s in a persistent scripting engine that is launched by InDesign at startup.

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Back to that new Contact Sheet Version

I’ve got the opportunity and time to finish this script this week. And I am going to do it.

Please stay tuned!

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