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Advanced ScriptUI

A while back I was commissioned by Adobe (in the CS4 product cycle) to write some scripts that would show off what you can do with ScriptUI. Here’s the result of that work.

ScriptUI Validation

InDesign Scripted Extension

This is a template for a scripted extension in InDesign. I’ve done scripted extension projects that run into thousands of lines of code. This template allows you to break that up into separate files. It includes a “loader” script that loads all of them into a persistent scripting engine. I also included an extension to the ESTK that will batch compile the entire project into jsx-bin files. You can set a flag field in the loader to load the binary version. There are examples of how to set up menus and context menus in the template.

Scripted Extension Template

Barred Rock Scripts

Back in the day, there was a set of scripts for CS2 called the Barred Rock scripts. Here there are. Most of them work for CS3, I dunno about CS4.

Barred Rock Scripts

Barred Rock Documentation

APID Event Demo

If you’re using PatchPanel and need to gain access to the APID ( plug-in’s event structure, here’s how you do it….

InDesign Menus

Here’s another PatchPanel demo, this time for creating and using InDesign menus from a Patchpanel extension.