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July 8th, 2010

Greetings fellow thrill-seekers!

Today I can finally announce a Contact Sheet for InDesign script for CS5!

There are a couple of new features you’re going to love (I hope). First is the addition of Bridge ratings to the caption feature. You can now show your Bridge ratings (0-4 stars and in color) in your Contact Sheet captions.

The second one is really cool. The biggest limitation of the CS2, 3, and 4 scripts was that the script always laid out all pages in the same grid of images. Always. Nothing you could do about it.

Now you can create a “custom” template, placing your own image rectangles and caption frames on master pages/spreads. You select one master spread to be the “first page” spread. You can select a second master spread to be applied to all pages after the first.

This allows you to put logos, splashes, whatever on your first page, as well as including a few images. Then, pages 2 through whatever will use a second page design, presumably one that’s more image dense.

Better yet, I’ve created an InDesign extension that helps you make custom templates, and that’s included in the script distribution.

Here’s a video of the new features and how to use them:

The script hasn’t been added to store yet, but they’ll be up there as soon as I remember how to do it!

Enjoy the CS5 version and the new features


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