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Back in the saddle again!

Just wrapping up at Adobe’s Developer Summit in Seattle. Twas a great event, and I very much enjoyed meeting so many of the people I’ve been corresponding with over the years.

Now that CS5 is out I can finally post about what I’ve been working on since joining Adobe last year.

I’ve been with Developer Technologies working on the latest Creative Suite extensibility tools, specifically Creative Suite Extension Builder and the Creative Suite ActionScript SDK.

With these tools Adobe has raised the bar in terms of what you can do, and at the same time lowered the barriers to entry for suite extension development.

Over time I’ll be making regular posts, showing off some code and extensions, and trying to expound on what makes this move so incredibly powerful.

In a nutshell, by enabling Flash extensions to the Creative Suite, the capabilities of the Flash platform have been added to the tool bag in one fell swoop.

Do you need to connect to a web service? No problem. Well, not just no problem – point Flash Builder at the WSDL and in 30 seconds you have a complete code library including strongly typed AS classes to contain your server side data in 30 seconds or less. What used to take a long, long, looooonnnnnggg time, now takes a minute.

Check out the new tools at, the SDK is free, you’ll need Flash Builder (trial is fine). We also have a tool for developers that automates much of the process, Creative Suite Extension Builder. That product is free to developer program members. The developer program is well worth it! Both programs include Flash Builder, which pays for the cheaper program by itself.

You need to check this technology out. What it can do for you will blow you away.

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