Why use Contact Sheet for InDesign script?

January 7th, 2009

When you think about it, a Contact Sheet is just a grid of images on a page layout. The key phrase there is “page layout”. If all you’re trying to do is get images on a page, there’s lots of ways to do that. For high end, professional quality results, you just can’t beat the functionality of InDesign.

The script is designed to work with an InDesign template. You can place all your branding on the template, set the margins appropriately, the script will only use the space inside your margins. Anything you want to do with the page look and feel of your template will be respected by the script.

The script uses 3 object styles and 1 paragraph style. If those styles are specified in the template, the script will use them. If not, it will create them. By using the styles, you have complete control over every aspect of the design of your contact sheet. The styles are:

  • images: An object style for the frames containing the images
  • captions: An object style for the frames containing the captions
  • imageFrames: If you use the “Gray Boxes” option, this object style will affect the outer gray box
  • labels: The paragraph style for the caption. Yes it should have been “caption”, but it was “labels” in CS2 and has stayed that way avoid invalidating older templates.

Beyond the styles, you can choose to save your Contact Sheet as a PDF, and select the PDF preset you would like to use.

Then there are captions. You can set the caption to contain multiple lines of just about any data that is encapsulated in the image. You have access to XMP metadata and basic file information (file name, extension, creation/modification dates).

Captions are defined with an html-like syntax that allows you to combine text and data.


would print: File: myfile.jpg

Pixels (x,y): ,

if the image were 1024×512, it would print: Pixels (x,y): 1024, 512

Mod Date:

would print: Mod Date: 021231

And you can also do:

Mod Date: to get Mod Date: 12/31/03

Better yet, the caption feature has a dialog that builds these complex captions for you in a really easy way.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking to wow your customers with an amazing design on your contact sheets, there’s no better way to make them than the Contact Sheet for InDesign Bridge script.

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