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About Custom Scripting Services

Creative Scripting offers custom scripting services. The process is simple. You tells me what you want, I writes it, you pays for it. We’re both deliriously happy.

But seriously, custom scripted solutions and work miracles for your business. What you do for a living is creative stuff. What I do for a living is eliminate the repetitive “monkey work” that is a necessary part of the design->production workflow.

I received an email from a print shop in Pennsylvania on a Tuesday. They had a local auto auction that needed to turn a database report into a formatted document, and quickly. There were typically 5,000-10,000 vehicles under dozens of categories. These reports were to be a weekly event with the turn around for the printed books being less than a day.

By Friday, I delivered a script that took the report, formatted the vehicles into a series of tables in InDesign, and basically created a print-ready booklet. That process done by hand would have required multiple people many hours. The scripted process took 4 minutes.

The script was not trivial, and they paid $900 for it; but the script likely broke even for them by the second week.

If you can do it in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Bridge, with very few exceptions it can be completely automated. With Adobe bringing out new development tools like PatchPanel, there are all sorts new possibilities given the ability to interact with web services and such.

Take a look at where you spend your time. If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, I can help. I can more than help, I can do the monkey work for you and free you up to make some real money!

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