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The Barred Rock Scripts

A set of scripts including one that exports metadata. They work on CS3, I believe they work on CS3. I have no idea about CS4.

You need the following: The Scripts, The Docs, and The Libraries.


This is a library of utility scripts that developers might find useful.

The Library

Script Lib

This is a modernized and bug fixed version of the WasScriptLibrary; however, I also omitted a bunch of stuff that was superfluous. Script Lib

Xml Lib

This is a library that parses HTML and XML. I personally like it better than the built in stuff in JS. The best part, it’s forgiving. Stuff that is HTML but not valid XML parses correctly. Better yet, when you write it back to a file, it writes back as valid xml. xmlLib


This is a Flex project that uses PatchPanel. This project is intended to be launched by a startup jsx file that uses the targetengine directive to create a persistent scripting engine. If the resulting SWF is loaded, you will see InDesign menu events (events fired through the scripting engine) caught by ActionScript in the swf. (about 2.5MB)


This is a Flex project that uses PatchPanel. This project demonstrates receiving APID ( events in PatchPanel. There was a request on the PatchPanel forums a few months ago (prior to my joining Adobe), and I whipped this out as a demonstration of one way to do it. (about 2.5MB)

This is a template for creating arbitrarily large and complex InDesign scripted extensions. The download also contains some ESTK extensions that make life better for the average scripter. (91KB)

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January 5th, 2009

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Contact Sheet CS4

Creates a contact sheet in InDesign from a selection of images in Bridge. This is the CS4 version based on the original CS2 and CS3 scripts.

You MUST have Adobe Creative Suite CS4 installed, or at least Adobe InDesign CS4. Special note - this script will do NOTHING if InDesign CS4 is not installed ( either stand alone or with the Suite).

Price: $25.00

Development Services

Custom development services. Unit price is $1.00, set the quantity in your cart to the number on your invoice.

Price: $1.00

January 5th, 2009

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