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Creative Scripting is all about writing scripts and scripted plug-ins for the Adobe Creative Suite. The author, Bob Stucky (me!), has worked with Adobe as a contractor on and off for about 5 years now. Here’s some background info on Bob. There are also 3 resumes on the site, one for development management, one for software engineering, and one for power system engineering.

Shifting into the first person, I wrote, along with Chandler McWilliams, the original Workflow Automation Scripts for CS2. I then updated them for CS3, and did some sample scripts for Script UI using the new event handling features in CS4.

I have also spent some time playing around with SwitchBoard and PatchPanel (available from Adobe Labs). SwitchBoard brings BridgeTalk functionality to Air applications, and PatchPanel allows Flex UI’s to interact directly with the Creative Suite. My personal favorite is PatchPanel in that we get the benefit of the Flex Builder development environment and the strong typing of ActionScript 3. Believe me, it makes the development of complex scripts much easier to debug and virtually eliminates the stupid typographical errors that you run into all the time with the ESTK and ExtendScript.

And of course, I will have some scripted plug-in’s here to sell. At the moment, I am making a living freelancing with Creative Suite automation. So while I would love to be doing this as a hobby and giving my scripts for free, I really need the money! Most importantly, if you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, drop me an email. Let’s see if we can eliminate your monkey work and get you doing more of your creative magic!

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