Update for CS6 Now Available

Same price, same great script. Updated for CS6 with a couple of minor bugs fixed even!.

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Update for CS5.5

I haven’t gotten around to updating the site to list the CS5.5 version of the script. If you require the CS5.5 script, purchase a CS5 version, and send me an email at bobstucky@gmail.com.

I will see your receipt, and will email you the CS5.5 version as soon as possibly (typically immediately; however, I reserve the right to walk away from my computer at least once a day for a couple of minutes).

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Aunt Mary’s Cookies

Lots of folks in the family are asking me for this recipe, so I figured I’d post it here and share it with anyone who might care. These are great cookies!

5 Hard boiled egg yolks (sieved)
cup sugar
1 cup butter
1 tsp. Vanilla
tsp salt
2 cups flour (sifted)
1 egg mixed with 1 tsp milk (glaze)

1. Cream sugar with butter
2. Stir in hard boiled egg yolks (sieved)
3. Stir in Vanilla and flour mixed with salt
4. Chill the dough
5. Roll out dough thick, cut into various shapes
6. Place on lightly greased cookie sheet
7. Glaze with beaten egg and milk
8. Sprinkle with nuts, poppy seeds, cinnamon sugar, those little sprinkle thingies, whatever makes you happy. Poppy seeds are especially good
9. Bake 12 minutes in a 350 Degree oven

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Creating Custom Templates for CS5 Contact Sheet

If you’re looking to purchase the Contact Sheet Script for CS5, please click here.

It looks like there’s a little confusion out there on exactly how to create a custom template. I’ll do some work on the InDesign template assistant to make it a little easier with some extra functionality. Until I get there, though…

When you open the Assistant panel (in InDesign), the first step is to click the button at the top that designates the template as a custom template.

In CS2, 3, and 4, the Contact Sheet for InDesign script does support a generic template concept. Those templates simply allowed you to set some background stuff. All of the image layout still happened by rows and columns, and all pages looked identical. That functionality, while very useful, is limiting.

With the custom template, you now have full control of the layout of the first, left, and right pages. You can do anything. BUT – the script has to know the difference between a custom template and the old template concept. The way to do that is to write data into the custom template. Clicking that button writes that data. If you do not click the button, the script will think it’s an old style template. It will create the grid of frames just like the old days and ignore your custom frames.

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Contact Sheet for InDesign CS5 Script Now Available!

Yes, it’s posted on the products page. You can now purchase it.

Note to folks: The word “InDesign” is all over this site. I will no longer refund payments to people who purchase the script and tell me I mislead them into thinking InDesign was not a requirement.

Not wanting to be a jerk or anything, but I don’t need the hassle.


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